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Indian grain sacks

Stacks of sacks

We bought these sacks on holiday in India. Rice and pulse suppliers are already replacing them with the polypropylene version and will no doubt become quite scarce like they have in the UK and Europe.

A few ideas with grain sacks

In india where these came from they get used over and over again. Each grain, pulse and rice sack carries a deposit with the original supplier which the wholesaler gets paid when the sack is returned for reuse.

Sacks full of spices

The charming thing about these jute sacks is the painted stencil logos. Each company has its own unique logo. Today companies are very precious about their logos,intellectual property, company, trademarks, patents and brands for a very important reason.

Ship brand

The logos on these sacks is used to distinguish their contents from that of their competitors.
No change there then but in a country like India where millions of people by rice and pulses loose from the wholesaler its the only way you can tell which rice is which.

The pistol brand the ship brand the star brand and even the Charlie Chaplin brand are all different but if the contents came in unmarked sacks very few people would be able to tell the difference. So the supplier with the best rice would loose out because his rice would get mixed in with every one else’s.

Pistol brand

We think the sacks are great. Apart from telling a story they perfectly demonstrate advertising and branding the old fashioned way.

You can use then for framing up, wall hanging, upholstery projects, laundry bags…and surprise surprise they even make great storage.

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